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What we do

Abammeli seeks the definition, promotion and creation of a human rights culture in Zimbabwe, the promotion and advocacy for the observance and respect for human rights as provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Zimbabwe and subsequent international human rights instruments to which Zimbabwe is a signatory and where it is not, to campaign for ratification of such instruments.

We seek to campaign for the protection of human rights and other related rights necessary for the sustenance and existence of civil society. Abammeli mandates member lawyers with a duty to offer legal aid services in cases involving a violation of human rights and public interest cases. We strive to implement educational programmes and other activities aimed at promoting people’s awareness of fundamental human rights and any other rights necessary to sustain civil society. In that regard, Abammeli works to promote the development of human rights and the development of law generally in Zimbabwe.

Our services

We serve our clients in the following ways:

Civil Education

Facilitating educational programmes aimed at promoting people’s awareness of their fundamental human rights and any other rights necessary to sustain a civil and open society.


Providing pro bono legal representation to ordinary persons or human rights defenders who need it. Providing opportunities for lawyers to provide legal advice in cases involving human rights violations and other cases that are of public interest.

Collaboration & Partnership

Working with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) whose interests are similar to or complement those of Abammeli.

Our Clientele

Abammeli clients include but are not limited to the following:

Human rights defenders

Marginalised communities

Persons with disabilities

Women and the Youth

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