Abammeli comprises of a board, a secretariat and the network of lawyers who are its members.

Our Formal Structure

Abammeli is a non-profit organisation comprising of a Board of Trustees and a Secretariat. The board is composed of Founding Trustees and members elected by a General Council meeting led by a Chairperson. The Secretariat is led by the Executive Director who is an ex-officio member of the Board. The membership of Abammeli consists of registered or unregistered lawyers in private and public practise and law students from universities.

The Secretariat

Cain Dube

Executive Director

Cain Dube is the Executive Director of Abammeli. He holds 2 degrees, Bachelor of Laws (HONS) and BA (Law and International Relations) from University of Witwatersrand. His passion for Human rights aided his affiliation in societies like Students for Law and Social Justice (SLSJ) where he held numerous workshops educating people about human rights. He was a private tutor for Bill of Rights where he imparted knowledge to his students about the importance of Human Rights. Cain Dube’’s ardor for human rights has led to his appointment as the Executive Director of Abammeli.

Blessed Dube

Finance and Admin officer

Blessed is a richly motivated professional whose core competencies include establishing and upholding sound financial practices at Abammeli Bamalungelo Abantu. He holds a BCom Finance degree. He is a believer in compliance and a strong role player in providing integrity to the financial space of the organization.

Sandiso Thato Dladla

Programs manager

Sandiso Dladla preferred name Thato, is a Human Rights Defender,a Postmodern Liberal and Contemporary Feminist,, and SOGIE-SC Inclusion Practitioner who works closely with marginalized communities in Zimbabwe. Thato believes that everyone deserves a fair chance in leading a respectable life in Society regardless of gender or background. They believe that human rights are inherent to everyone and are not subject to sexuality. They have worked with different communities and from that experience, they found out that every human rights problem is intersectional and the only solution is to collectively deal with the injustices by fighting as one, which is what led them to become a social and gender justice advocate. Thato is a YALI RLC-SA Alumni and a 2023 YALI Mandela Washington Fellowship Participant. They hold a Higher Certificate in Law from the University of South Africa and are currently studying towards obtaining an LLB as well as a BA in Policy Studies.

Brandon Tyler Sansole

Communications Officer

Brandon Tyler is a Digital creative and freelance Communications consultant from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Their work and passion is not only limited to the Digital creative space but however transcends to Human Rights and gender activism. This has resulted in them joining the Abammeli team as the Communications Officer under the Programs department . Under their portfolio they have worked with a diversity of brands including Paper Bag Africa, All Out International and Taboom Media. This has provided a platform for their work to be recognised in diverse spaces as a communications creative. Brandon is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Business Management with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe. They are a holder of an executive certificate in Business Administration from the institution’s class of ‘22.

Board members

Nqobani Sithole


Nqobani is a former police officer who was seconded to the National Prosecuting Authority at Beitbridge where he accumulated a lot of knowledge and developed a keen interest in human rights. He later graduated with a law degree from the University of South Africa. He then joined Phulu & Ncube and later Ncube Attorneys as a practicing attorney. He has handled innumerable human rights cases securing bail and acquittals. Nqobani is currently undertaking graduate studies in law with the University of South Africa.

Nikiwe Ncube-Tshabalala

Deputy Chairperson

Nikiwe is a founding Trustee and the Deputy Chairperson of the board of Abammeli. She graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a law degree with a keen interest in human rights. She joined Webb, Low & Barry Legal Practitioners availing legal services in the area of human rights to those on the margins of society. ln this way, she accumulated lots of experience and invaluable knowledge in human rights litigation, defence and advocacy. Nikiwe is the past president of the Bulawayo Legal Practitioners Association. She is currently undertaking graduate studies with the Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland.

Doreen Vundhla


Doreen is a founding Trustee and the Treasurer of the Board of Abammeli. She graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with a law degree and after working on women’s rights as an attorney at Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association in Bulawayo, she joined Lazarus & Sarif as an attorney. She then left to found Vundhla-Phulu Legal Practitioners where she is the Senior Partner.

Tshimumoya Ndlovu

Board member

Tshimumoyo is a founding Trustee of Abammeli and a graduate of the University of Zimbabwe where she graduated with a Law degree. She has a keen interest in human rights and is a partner at Messrs.’ TJ Mabhikwa, a law firm in Bulawayo which she joined at immediately upon graduation. Tshimumoyo also holds an MBA from the National University of Science & Technology.

Matshobana Ncube

Board Member

Matshobana Ncube is a founding Trustee and the Board Chairperson of the board of Abammeli. He is an admitted attorney at the High court of Zimbabwe and is a founder and partner at Ncube Attorneys (Victoria Falls & Bulawayo). Matshobana has previously worked at Phulu and Ncube Legal Practitioners as well as Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. Between 2013 and 2015 he served as a Board Member at the Radio Dialogue Trust in Bulawayo. Between 2011 and 2013 he served as a technical advisor to Parliament in the writing of the Constitution. Not only is he passionate about Human Rights; Matshobana is also a scholar whose interest in the subject of Devolution has seen some of his work published in peer reviewed journals.

Zibusiso Ncube

Board member

Zibusiso is the Founder and sole Partner at Ncube and Partners Legal Practitioners. He holds a Law degree from the University of Zimbabwe. Zibusiso has previously worked as a Legal Practitioner at Phulu and Ncube Legal Practitioners before moving on to Calderwood, Bryce Hendrie and Partners Legal Practitioners also as a Legal Practitioner. Zibusiso has vast experience as a board member and executive member in various organizations. He is also a guest presenter on legal issues on Skyz Metro FM.